Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chapter 5

"Honestly, Isabella, I should take you back upstairs and have a long conversation with you before sending you straight home to your mother, but I want to fuck you too badly to let you go now.”

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Last Time on Within Reach...
Adrenaline shot through my veins, laced with a hint of fear and excitement.
We were headed down. Down to a basement? A dungeon? Maybe the playroom? Whatever. All I knew was that we were going down, farther and farther, the hall getting darker and darker until I couldn't see my right hand when I lifted it in front of my face.
It was then I truly wondered... What have I gotten myself into?

Within Reach
Chapter 5 - Awakening
~*Bella Swan*~
Eyes, adjusted.
A rich, inviting scent teased my senses – a mixture of citrus and maybe sandalwood.
My body slid down from its perch on his broad shoulders, but I was anxious, unsure of where I’d land when my feet finally hit the floor.  
They didn’t, though – not right away. Not when Dr. Cullen was suddenly cradling me in his arms as if I were delicate – a precious infant held in his capable hands. Yet, as light as I felt in that moment, something heavy sank in my chest – a reminder of his dark purpose.
My imagination ran wild, fingers trembled, wanting to touch, but I waited, knowing he would be the first to make a move.
Unsurprisingly, my heart still pounded, blood pumped faster, heightening every sense. Was it simply naiveté that made my pulse race and my body ache for something so forbidden? Or was it simply him?
Craving the sight of his angelic face, I stared up at him, in absolute awe. Nothing existed but this.
Chartreuse eyes met mine, revealing a level of need I hadn’t been prepared for. Could he possibly want me as much as I wanted him?
The intensity of his gaze left me reeling. I knew in our position, one might have expected to find tenderness or adoration, but they held no resemblance to such soft emotions. Only dark, lustful, dangerous eyes – eyes that devoured and made me feel like I was drowning in something so rich and forbidden, I nearly lost my breath.
This man was intoxicating, his dizzying effect unparalleled.
His lips, full and dark, parted as a wisp of sweet breath and heat fanned against my cheeks, my lashes fluttering closed at the headiness of it all.
As his lips met mine, harder than I expected but no less sensual, I opened, giving him access, accepting his hot tongue as it slid against mine, inspiring desire and need deep within me.
He groaned into my mouth, destroying me, making me throb like never before, and with nothing more than a simple kiss – though we both knew there was nothing simple about it.
Arms held tight, locking me in a passionate embrace as he pulled me possessively against his hard chest. I couldn’t help but whimper. Please – I wanted to cry, but I knew I had more patience than that.
Dr. Cullen was nowhere near ready to fuck me. Yet, I was already squirming in his arms, needy for more. “Be still,” he growled against my lips, holding me harder to his chest. I complied, relaxing in his arms as he buried his tongue deeper in my mouth.
I had to fight the smile of pride when he groaned yet again.
I loved that he could take his pleasure from my body, that he could lose himself. I craved more, thrilled by the power.
When it seemed he felt I’d been thoroughly kissed, he set me down gently on my feet, steadying my shoulders as my ankles wobbled on the ridiculous heels I was wearing.
“You are entirely too tempting for your own good,” he admitted sharply, giving me a stern look. The threatening edge in his voice was unmistakable. Should I have been afraid? Maybe. I hadn’t decided yet, still too caught up in the fact that Dr. Cullen was so close to fulfilling my fantasies. “Honestly, Isabella, I should take you back upstairs and have a long conversation with you before sending you straight home to your mother, but I want to fuck you too badly to let you go now.”
Fuck... the things this man said...
My pulse raced faster.
Since I’d bared myself to him in his office earlier, he’d done nothing but shock me with his dark promises and declarations, and though he was nothing like the man I once imagined him to be, he was by far surpassing the intensely sexual creature I’d conjured in my dreams. “I don’t want to go either,” I admitted shakily, staring up at him, willing him not to change his mind.
“In that case, I have a few ground rules to lay out,” he started before his eyes left mine, sweeping over the room I hadn’t really taken the time to look at. For all I knew, I was standing in a dank old dungeon about to be tortured to death, yet somehow I knew that wasn’t the doctor’s style.
Just based on the way the rest of his house looked, I could tell he was all about modern, clean lines, warmth, and soft, luxurious fabrics.
“Tonight will not be a traditional scene since we haven’t had a chance to compare limits,” he explained, watching me, more than likely making sure I was following the terminology he was using. At this point, my only experience with d/s had been in books and pornography, but I understood what he was telling me.
“Firstly, I should mention that I’m clean. I haven’t been with anyone since my last test, and I'm going to trust that you haven’t lied to me about your experience, or lack thereof, rather,” he said, eyeing me carefully.
“I haven’t been with anyone, sir,” I promised him truthfully.
“I’d prefer not to wear condoms then, unless you object?”
It was all I wanted, to feel him – no barriers between us, his cock, hot and slick, swollen as he thrust inside me hard and fast, slow and smooth. Fuck... was it possible to come from the mere thought of being with him like that?
“Nothing too extreme,” he continued smoothly, interrupting my thoughts, green eyes wandering my body hungrily as he spoke in an almost clinical manner. It was slightly unnerving, sending a strange chill down my spine. “And if I do something you don’t like or if something begins to make you uncomfortable, just say yellow and we’ll slow down, move on to something else if you wish. Then if you want to stop completely, just say red and we will simply get dressed and head back upstairs to talk a bit, no hard feelings.”
His words put me more at ease, knowing that he wouldn’t just send me home if I used his safewords. I certainly hoped our time didn’t come to that, as I didn’t want to disappoint the man I wished to one day call my Master. “Yes, sir,” I whispered seriously. I knew I could do this.
Besides, I was too close to my goal to stop now.
Until I saw his body begin to relax in response to my consent, I hadn’t noticed how tense he’d been.
As observant as Dr. Cullen was, I held no delusions that he could tell how tight I was wound, how needy I was for his touch. For anything he wanted to give me.
“How do you feel about being tied up?” he queried, eyes still studying my face carefully, searching. I knew he was just waiting for me to crack and run screaming out into the street, but there was nothing I could say to prove how serious I truly was. I had to show him.
“The idea of being bound and at your mercy... it excites me, sir. Very much,” I admitted truthfully.
He smiled dangerously, eyes penetrating something deep inside, intensifying a hollow ache that throbbed low in my belly, pulsing for him, begging to be filled.
“Turn around,” he directed firmly. I complied immediately, stopping only when I had my back to him. Without Dr. Cullen in my line of sight, I was finally able to take in the large room I’d been standing in for what felt like a lifetime.
It was...
I gasped, unsure if I was really seeing what I thought I was seeing...
“Do you like it?” he whispered as his arms wrapped around my middle, hot breath and warm lips tickling my neck as he spoke.
“It’s b-beautiful,” I stammered, taking in the room, wondering how he’d done it.
The room and all its contents – benches, swings, harnesses, ropes, cabinets, toys –  all of it was white – pure white. There was nothing cold or clinical about it, and under the minimal light the room looked warm, inviting. I’d never seen anything like it.
“You look stunning in my playroom, Isabella, especially in this black dress. However, I make it a rule to never wear clothes in here. Tonight, of course, is an exception, but should we continue, I expect to find you in this room bare, always bare,” he rasped against my neck, sending a trail of heat down my spine. It was then I realized that hot trail was actually Dr. Cullen’s fingers brushing over the skin of my back as he slowly unzipped my dress.
Bared. Exposed. He opened the back, his breath escaping minutely faster as he realized how low the zipper actually went. By the time he got to the swell of my ass, exposing my lack of panties, I could hear him mutter a low curse – the sound made my heart race and my confidence skyrocket.
“I can’t wait to have this soft skin slick with sweat...” he admitted, slipping his large hand underneath the fabric of my dress, sliding it until his long fingers grazed my tummy. I thought for sure he’d move to cup my small breasts, but he had other ideas. “...to have you trussed up nice and tight, whining for my cock, begging me to let you come.”
He slid his hand down, lower and lower till it was close to enough to feel the heat emanating from the soaked lips of my pussy. “Do I make you wet, kitten?” he asked, his voice still holding that dark edge – the one that drove me insane with need.
I could hardly speak. “Y-yes, sir. So, so wet,” I panted, silently pleading him to touch me.
But then his warm hand was gone, leaving me bereft and as achy as ever.
Before my frustration could make an unwelcome appearance, Dr. Cullen’s hands settled on my shoulders, rubbing smooth circles for a brief moment until he grasped the straps of my mother’s dress, sliding them off so the fabric pooled on the floor at my heeled feet.
“Perfect,” he gritted out, no longer touching me.
The air around me cooled my skin. I felt it almost acutely, longing for this man to get me hot and sweaty like he promised.
Suddenly, his hands were at my thighs urging them apart so he could slide higher, closer to the apex, closer to the part of me that begged the most for his attention. “Spread wider,” he directed before smoothing his palms over my ass, spreading my cheeks.
I felt red creep onto my face in response to his careful inspection.
Was he trying to embarrass me? He said he wasn’t into humiliation, so I had to trust that this... inspection... whatever he was doing, was meant to sate his curiosity - give him pleasure.
Even with the amount of time I’d spent preparing myself for him, it still felt strange knowing that that he was looking at my asshole. I felt so exposed... so... aroused.
“Are you comfortable with the idea of me fucking your ass, Isabella?” he asked
as his warm finger pressed against the puckered opening.

Was he kidding? Of-fucking-course I was!
“Yes, sir,” I promised, excited that he was interested in using my body in that way.
“Mmm. You please me, Isabella,” he told me, his voice gravel and honey, the compliment making me swell with pride. “You’re going to be a good girl, aren’t you?”
“Yes, sir.” By then I was shaking, trembling in my heels as Dr. Cullen toyed with me in his white playroom.
“Follow me,” he directed suddenly. I turned, watching as he moved to stand in front of a plush white pillow on the floor.
“Kneel in front of me, kitten… the heels stay on.”
With my bottom lip tucked firmly between my teeth, eyes wide and excited, I followed his command, carefully positioning myself in front of him. I even took care to mind my posture as I sat on the pillow, knowing his eyes were watching me the entire time.
“Good, girl,” he complimented, brushing his hand against the warm flush of my cheek. “Take my belt off.”
I nearly gasped when I caught sight of the front of his pants, eyes locking on a thick bulge that hinted at a possible lack of underwear.
My mouth watered, hands trembling as I went to work on his belt, taking it off and sliding the rich leather through the loops on his slacks till I held it in front of me almost like an offering.
“Now unbutton my pants,” he directed.
My pulse quickened, filling me with excitement at the knowledge that I was finally about to see Dr. Cullen’s body.
My fingers traced over a hard button, carefully pushing it through the stitched hole before grasping the zipper. Down it went, exposing a pale expanse of smooth skin, lightly muscled abs, that mouthwatering v-shaped muscle that made me fucking dizzy with need, and all of it, every delicious inch, was highlighted by a thin trail of reddish-brown hair leading down to a cock so perfect I nearly cried.
Thick and long, straight, lightly veined, soft pink skin, hard as steel, tip glistening – I could have died happy.
“Oh God,” I moaned helplessly, almost afraid to touch him, yet at the same time barely restraining myself from doing so.
“Please, sir.”
My begging was bound to get me what I wanted, and if the state of his cock was evidence of anything, I knew he wanted just as much.
“Open those pretty red lips, kitten,” he growled taking his cock in hand.
I thought for sure he would just plunge it inside and start fucking my mouth in earnest, but he surprised me yet again by teasing us both, rubbing the sticky tip of his swollen cock against my mouth, spreading the pre-cum all over my bottom lip. I had to use my back teeth to bite my tongue and prevent it from sliding out to lick my lips and his cock. I wanted to taste him so badly.
“You want my cock.” It wasn’t a question – more of an accusation, like he’d plucked the thought from my mind so he could use it against me.
“Please, sir,” I begged again, and this time he did shove it in, gripping a handful of my hair as he pushed the thick head over the soft heat of my tongue.
His taste was like nothing I’d ever experienced, warm and musky with a hint of something salty-sweet – the pre-cum, I suspected.
Dr. Cullen was quite a bit bigger than the small toy I’d started with, and thicker than the big toy I’d barely mastered, so the intrusion of his cock pushing into my throat still caused me to gag and choke around it.
“Fuck,” he grunted as I helplessly swallowed around his thick length, eyes watering.
After what felt like ages, he pulled back and began fucking my mouth, but never pushing as far as he had at first.
I suspected he’d do it once more when he was ready to come, and then I’d be ready.
“You like it when I fuck that pretty little mouth, don’t you, Isabella?” he teased, pushing in over and over as my tongue brushed against him with every smooth thrust. I couldn’t speak with a full mouth, so I used my eyes to convey the message, nodding my head slightly as I looked up at him in adoration, lips stretched tight over his shaft in sweet submission.
I wondered if he was getting close when he closed his eyes, pace quickening, arms tense, stomach muscles quivering slightly. Then he groaned, this loud sound so erotic that it sent a heat wave of arousal down, down, deep.
So fucking wet... so fucking ready for that thick cock.
I whimpered, just barely hanging on by a thread as he continued to use my mouth. “You want my cum, kitten?” he growled, making me look up at his stunning face. He was all heat and fury, eyes flashing with barely contained control. It was glorious. “You’re gonna fucking take it, every goddamn drop, or I’ll spank your ass so hard you won’t be able to sit down.”
Holy shit.
As if I hadn’t already had enough incentive, I opened my mouth as wide as it could go, letting him force his way into my throat, stilling as he came, his cock pulsing against my tongue. I didn’t gag this time – I was too busy swallowing, focusing my eyes on the sight of Dr. Cullen’s intense expression as he used me for his pleasure.
“Goddamn... that was good,” he groaned, taking his cock out of my mouth.
Fuck me – he was still hard.
“You’re still staying the night, right?” he said as he helped me to stand. My legs had nearly fallen asleep in the long minutes I’d been sitting on them, having my mouth fucked hard.
“Yes, sir,” I replied before licking traces of his flavor from my lips.
“Only if you want,” I added hopefully, remembering his earlier promise that if I stayed the night he planned to fuck me several times.
“Yes, good,” he agreed before his eyes wandered across the room, landing on something behind me. There were only two things behind me. I remembered them from the quick glance I’d had of the room during my inspection – a large white bed and a white lacquered St. Andrew’s Cross – either had the potential to make for an exciting night. Though... if I was being honest, I preferred the idea of losing my virginity on a bed.
“Take your heels off and go lay down on the bed for me, kitten.”
Fuck yes.
Was it really about to happen? I really fucking hoped so.
After I climbed onto the high mattress, I sighed happily, relaxing and luxuriating in the silken sheets. Behind me, I heard Dr. Cullen moving in the opposite direction. When I turned to see what he was doing, I found him facing the opened doors of a large white armoire, removing every stitch of clothing he’d had on his fine body.
Had I known I there was a free show happening, I would have turned around a lot sooner. “Fuck,” I cursed under my breath as his slacks fell down, exposing the sexiest round ass I’d ever seen in my young life. Tight and muscular, fucking biteable.
Maybe if I ask nicely he might let me hold onto those sexy cheeks while he fucks me into this mattress...
Finally, Dr. Cullen stood there – perfect, muscular angles, flawless pale skin, body shaped by the careful hand of a master sculptor. He was everything I’d imagined, but a million times better.
And then he turned... and I was just... breathless...
“You’re beautiful,” I whispered in awe, making him pause. A strange glint flickered in his eyes, so quickly it was almost as if it never happened at all.
With all traces of the phantom gaze erased, his lips quirked in a smug half-smile that told me I probably hadn’t been the first to pay him such a complement.
With each step he took, getting closer and closer to where I lay, I couldn’t stop my gaze from locking on his thick cock and the way it bobbed slightly as he moved.
How would he feel moving inside me?
I just knew it would feel amazing and full, and oh so fucking good.
“Lay down on your back, hands to your side, flat on the mattress.”
I did as he asked, lying back, my eyes following him as he moved closer and closer till he was practically hovering over me, his burning gaze locked on mine.
I thought for sure he was about to cover my body with his until he reached toward the pile of pillows behind me and grabbed a long scarf. With all the white on the bed, I hadn’t noticed it lying there at all.
“Relax, kitten,” he directed, taking my hands in his before crossing my arms at the wrists. With practiced ease, he wrapped the scarf around, effectively binding my arms together. Guess I won’t be grabbing Dr. Cullen’s ass anytime soon…
Just when I thought he was done, he raised my bound arms over my head, sliding the knotted scarf over a small hook attached to the massive white headboard. Looking up from my spot on the bed, I could see that the headboard had several little hooks and rings attached for various activities.
How many ways can a person be tied up, though?
“Comfortable?” he asked, eyeing me for any sign of discomfort.
“Yes, sir,” I admitted, my tone completely sincere. He might have been waiting for me to use my safeword, but I was thriving in this room. I’d never felt more alive.
“I was going to bind your legs as well, but after your little stunt in my office today, I know you’re going to be a good little girl and keep them open for me, aren’t you, kitten?”
“Yes, sir,” I agreed with a serious nod.
“What toys do you have experience with?”
My mind was drawing a blank, trying to remember anything that existed in my life beyond this room. Dr. Cullen’s brow rose at my hesitance. Finally I realized what he’d asked me.
“Oh… umm.” My face felt hot with embarrassment, “I umm… I have a couple vibrators, and butt plugs, and also a pair of nipple clamps,” I told him, swallowing a lump in my throat.
I had no idea why I felt so nervous.
“I see, and do you enjoy your toys?” he asked curiously.
“Umm… yes, sir.” I was starting to get nervous, wondering if I was about to be punished for something.
“Which is your favorite… the one that gives you the most pleasure?”
“Umm… the vibrator?” I whispered hesitantly, glancing up at my bound wrists pointlessly, knowing it would do nothing to hide the flush on my cheeks.
When Dr. Cullen didn’t comment on my answer, I looked up expecting to find him watching me, but he was gone. I nearly panicked that he’d decided to leave me here all tied up until I saw him in a far corner of the room standing in front of a large cabinet.
Nervously, I gazed down at the items in his hands as he returned to me. To my relief, I didn’t find any elaborate torture contraptions or weapons, just a few familiar toys that weren’t the least bit intimidating – a medium sized plug (white of course), a bottle of something, maybe lubricant, and... a fucking Hitachi wand.
Holy hell!
When I was doing my online shopping a few weeks back, I desperately wanted one of those wands, but knew I couldn’t afford to buy all the other toys I’d needed at the time if I did. So to say I was thrilled by his toy choice was definitely an understatement.
As Dr. Cullen returned to the bed, he laid both items next to me before plugging the wand into the wall outlet.
“How many times do you usually come in one night, Isabella?”
“Uh… maybe two or three, sir,” I admitted meekly.
At my words, he smiled that devilish smile that made me ache. “Now I think we can beat that don’t you, kitten?”
He was going to make me come more than three times?
“You look confused, Isabella. What are you thinking?” he asked kindly, his tone resembling the Doctor more than the Dom.
“Err… I guess I’m just surprised is all… I umm… I thought you might not let me come or… something,” I stammered, feeling silly for making assumptions.
“Ahh, I see. Well there are many benefits to withholding pleasure – delayed gratification. It’s certainly something I enjoy, but for our first night – your first time, I think we should just have some fun, enjoy each other. No stress,” he explained smoothly.
I smiled up at him, immensely relieved that I wouldn’t have to worry about holding back. That was something I still struggled with and I was certain the powerful Hitachi wand wouldn’t make things any easier on me, especially when this gorgeous man and his perfect cock factored into the equation as well.
With all my concerns addressed, he climbed on the bed.
Oh, God... so fucking close…
Using his strong legs, Dr. Cullen nudged my thighs farther apart till he was sitting in front of me on his knees, his hard cock mere inches from where I so desperately wanted it.
I waited for him to lean forward, push inside, and just fill that hollow ache that had consumed my dreams for the longest fucking time. I needed it, like air.
“I know, kitten,” Dr. Cullen whispered, his voice sharp but sweet, melting on my body like a sliver of dark chocolate. “I promise I’m going to fuck that sweet little pussy. I just want to play with you some more first.”
Dear Lord...
My breathing hitched, not for the first time tonight either.
What was this man doing to me? He had me wrapped around his fucking pinky, bound and begging on my fucking knees.
Already he owned me, and I knew, I fucking knew that I’d gladly sit at his feet, waiting like a dog just to remain close to him like this.
Was I crazy for wanting him so much?
Was it wrong to be so consumed by another human?
I didn’t care.
I reveled in it.
My body ached and craved and cried out for more.
I needed... anything he wanted to give me.
Fuck me – my eyes implored him, begged him, pleading.
His expression darkened at my silent request, and though I expected him to comment, he remained silent, one hand resting on my right thigh, the other reached for the vibrating wand to my left.
He picked it up, eyes never leaving mine has he placed the cool, hard plastic to my needy clit, swollen and wet from his relentless teasing.
My fingers dug into the scarf, pulling against my bindings as I braced for what I was certain was going to be the most intense orgasm of my young life.
“Are you going to be a good girl and stay still for me, Isabella?” he asked seriously, his elegant thumb hovering dangerously close to the little white switch on the side of that unassuming wand.
“Oh, God... yes, sir,” I whimpered, feeling like I might come at any moment and he hadn’t even touched me since my inspection.
I knew I had to be fucking soaked and dripping, swollen and red for that thick cock, for just a little relief.
Click goes the switch... and then.... My. Fucking. God.
I lost it, quaking and trembling as the wand pulsed against my sensitive clit, nearly making me black out from the sheer pleasure coursing through my veins.
Too good. It almost hurt.
I’d already come twice, maybe three times in just a few dozen seconds.
I wanted more.
Eyes rolled back and I was seeing stars, but then without warning it was just... gone.
It stopped.
For a moment, I was too busy trembling as I came down from my climax to notice what Dr. Cullen was doing. It wasn’t until I felt warm fingers probing my puckered entrance that I realized what was happening.
“Relax,” he urged me, sliding a single lube-slickened finger into my ass.
At his command, I allowed my body to sink into the mattress, relaxing into his touch as he inserted another slick digit, making me moan.
Fuck that felt good.
Another finger and then he was stretching me, little by little, until I was easily able to take the plug he set aside earlier.
“How does that feel?” he asked me, his cock getting closer and closer to my waiting entrance.
“It feels so good, sir... almost too good,” I admitted, eyes rolling back as he gripped the base of the plug sliding it in and out a few times, so fucking slow and sweet.
“What about now?” he asked, smiling wickedly. Suddenly the plug seemed to come alive inside by body, vibrating just enough to make my clit pulse in response.
And before I could manage an answer in reply, the wand was back pulsing hard and fast.
“Uhh.... fuck... sir!” I screamed as he focused on my ass and clit, leaving me empty in the middle where I needed him most. “Please... oh, God!”
“Are you going to let me fuck you?” he asked roughly, as if it pained him to do so. “I need to know now because soon, I might not be able to stop.”
“Yes, sir,” I gasped.
“Tell me you want it,” he shouted back, his voice dark and dangerous, demanding my words in return. “Tell me you need my fucking cock... and you’ll get it.”
“Oh... fuck Dr. Cullen, sir... please... I need it so bad!” I begged helplessly as he held the wand to my sore clit. “P-please can I h-have your cock?”
“Fuck, Isabella,” he grunted, and I just couldn’t tear my eyes away as he grabbed himself, fisting the thick, leaking erection with his free hand. “Jesus Christ. Look at me, Isabella... look at how fucking hard you’ve made me.”
I whimpered, eyes widening as he lined himself at my entrance. This was it... my moment... everything I wanted. Everything I’d been dreaming of...
With a growl, he slowly pushed inside, stretching me, claiming the virginity I freely gave.
Oh, dear God... he’s huge...
I gasped at the fullness as he finally buried that thick cock inside me, so deep... all the way to the fucking hilt. Finally he started to move.
Push. Pull. Slow and steady, gaining speed until he was pounding into me so hard and fast, that every stroke had me crying out for more.
Full... so fucking full that I could feel his cock throbbing hard, quivering with every thrust of his powerful hips.
God... I looked down, eyes peering over the wand to watch his thick cock disappearing between my legs. I just couldn’t fucking believe that Dr. Cullen was inside me making me come over and over – too many times to count.
With each powerful climax, I cried out, losing my mind to the perfection happening between my thighs, the absolute fullness I felt having him there thrusting into me, nailing me to the mattress with that perfect cock.
Oh fuck... can’t feel my legs...
My hooded eyes opened wider, lips moving to form words that I couldn’t manage to say while Dr. Cullen became a beautiful blur.
Spots formed in front of my face, consciousness slipping between my fingertips, floating away.
I couldn’t think... and then I couldn’t see...

Did Dr. Cullen push her too far? What will Isabella wake up to?


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