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Chapter 4

"Tell me what you've been imagining..." he ordered darkly "and by all means, be explicit."

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Within Reach
Chapter 4 Wishes Granted?
*~Bella Swan~*
"What is it you want from me Isabella?" It wasn't the first time he asked me this, but somehow I knew it meant something different than before – before, it was more about the here and now. This time he was asking me what I wanted from him beyond today - beyond this meeting.
I knew what I wanted, but what did Dr. Cullen want? What was he willing to offer me?
I'd gone this far. Now it was time I laid it all out, told him what I knew and wanted, and then it was up to him how much he was willing to give me.
"May I speak frankly with you, sir?" I asked him, wringing my fingers in the hospital gown, clutched tight in my hands. As pathetic as it might have sounded, I had every intention of taking it home as a souvenir of my time with Dr. Cullen, however brief that time ended up being.
"You may," he responded shortly, still eying me with thinly veiled curiosity. He had to be wondering how a girl as shy as me, had gotten the courage to do what I did.
"I heard you... at Canlis," I admitted nervously "and I know what you are."
"Tell me, Isabella," he ordered, his voice taking a hard edge that simultaneously frightened and elated me.
"You're a dominant," I whispered, eyes meeting his for the first time since his fingers were knuckle deep in my tight little cunt.
"I see... so you heard my conversation with Charlotte, and learned something private about me. So, now you think you can just step in and take her place?" He accused, eyes becoming dark.
This man was all about control, and I had no doubt that this was what he looked like when he was angry. He didn't seem the type to scream and shout or explode with rage, yet I felt as though I was in the eye of the storm. He had the power to build me up or tear me down. With a single word he could bring me to my knees - then it was up to him whether or not to take advantage of that position.
"I meant you no harm, Sir. It's just... this is very difficult for me to admit, but I've been fantasizing about you since our first appointment. I know I was fifteen then and really it was just a childish crush, but for a while now, I've felt different – wanted things that I probably shouldn't." I closed my eyes, letting the passion I felt for this man fill my words with desire, and sincerity. He had to know how much I needed to belong to him "You were always so... cheerful and caring, but in my fantasies you were... possessive, dark... demanding."
"Even before prom, I dreamed of you owning me, commanding my body – teaching me to fulfill your desires. That is what I want from you." It wasn't everything I wanted, but for now, it was enough.
"I know I must sound naive, but I truly understand that you may not have the time, or interest in training someone with so little experience or just me in particular, and there's always the possibility that you may need things I can't give you."
I took a quick breath needing to finish while he continued to allow me to speak so freely. "I'm not a… not a pain slut, and I don't get off on extreme humiliation, but I long to serve, and you'll find that I'm very open-minded and… and if you were willing to speak with me about your wants and desires, I would be every honest in sharing what I needed from you as well."
I was almost afraid to look up, certain that I'd find his eyes filled with disapproval and disgust, but I couldn't stop myself.
Imagine my shock when I looked up and found him smirking at me.
Did he think this was funny? Was I just an amusing little child sent to humor him? My face was so fucking hot and flushed, I thought I might be going nuclear or something. Speaking of extreme humiliation…
"Well, Isabella, I have to say, I admire your honesty. Few people would have been as candid you were." I was fairly certain that I was being rejected, plain and simple. Mentally, I was on the verge of tears, but I wouldn't let him see that.
"Thank you, Sir." I just couldn't look at him – not when I knew what was coming.
"Now, as for the matter of your offer – I must admit, it is extremely tempting, and you're a natural submissive if I ever saw one. To be honest, I'd be a fool to let you go without at least trying a test scene," he spoke casually, as if this weren't the most significant moment of my life to date. As soon as his words registered, my breathing hitched. Did that mean he...? "Are you free at some point this weekend?"
I nearly choked on my tongue. He wanted to do a scene with me? Of course I was fucking free.
"Y-yes S-sir." My voice shook with anticipation of what naughty things he might plan for us to do. "I am available to you from this evening until tomorrow afternoon," I told him, not wanting to presume how much time he wanted to spend with me. I was lucky he was willing to meet with me in the first place.
"Wonderful. You'll stay at my home then…" In an instant, his expression changed. He smiled devilishly, almost startling me with his beauty. I wanted nothing more than to have him look at me like that every day for the rest of my life. "I may want you more than once during the night."
My heart rate was off the charts, and I was certain that I might faint at any moment. I stuttered out another pathetic "Yes, sir", while my thighs clenched in response to the image of being fucked by Dr. Cullen multiple times.
He turned away suddenly, pulling a small white card and a pen from the front pocket of his doctor's coat. He scribbled something on the back and handed it to me, teasing me with his smooth fingertips as they brushed against my palm before he withdrew. "Be at this address at seven sharp. Do you have a little black dress?" I didn't, but my mother did.
I remembered the sexy black mini she saved from her fifteen year anniversary dinner with my father. The date was a last ditch effort between the two of them to make things work a little while longer – for my sake. She only wore it once. "Yes, Sir."
"Good. Wear it and a pair of heels – nothing underneath. Also, I know you don't have any food allergies…" he said with a slight smirk "…but are you opposed to salmon?"
"You're making dinner?" I squeaked, surprised.
"Do I seem incompetent to you?" he asked sternly. My mouth fell open. Shit… we hadn't even begun and already I'd insulted him. "I'm joking, Isabella."
"Oh… yes, sorry, S-sir. Salmon sounds wonderful," I stammered, blushing again.
"Good. Then I'll see you this evening."
After leaving Dr. Cullen's office, I was a mess of nerves and hormones, and fairly certain my blood pressure was dangerously elevated.
My predicament was only made worse when I realized I had another problem. I'd been so distracted, trying to do everything perfect to please Dr. Cullen, that I failed to realize the logistics in 'borrowing' my mother's dress. As far as she knew, I was spending the night at Jake's. I couldn't just waltz into the house and leave with a garment bag and heels and not raise questions about my strange behavior.
This was just a small setback though. I wasn't about to let something so silly get in the way of my night with the sexy doctor. I hated lying, but at this point, I didn't really see an alternative.
"I didn't expect you home till tomorrow, honey," Mom said as I walked through the door, surprised by my unexpected presence.
"Jake and I decided to go out tonight. Kind of a night on the town, dinner and a movie sort of thing – I just wanted to dress up a little." The lie came easier than expected.
"Oh okay… well you kids have fun then, and be careful," she said cheerfully, before turning back to the book she was immersed in.
One glance at the clock on my iPhone told me that it was only 4:30 – I still had some time to kill before going to Dr. Cullen's place. In the meantime I needed a place to go, somewhere I could actually get ready. I knew Mom would just get suspicious if I hung around here for two more hours.
This lying business was starting to get fucking annoying.
After our discussion at the salon the other day, I knew there was no way I could call Ang. I would just have to tell Jake what was going on. If anyone could possibly understand, it was him.
"Jake, are you at home?"
The moment I arrived at Jake's he was pulling me into his sister Rachel's bathroom. Before I could even get out a word in greeting he snatched the garment bag from my hands and unzipped it.
"Holy shit, Bells. This is a fucking delicious dress." He glanced at the designer label, shrugging at the lack of recognition.
"My family isn't made of money," I reminded him with an eye-roll. Just because it wasn't a fucking Dior or Gucci didn't mean it wasn't hot.
"Who the hell cares? Doctor McSteamy, McDreamy – whatever the fuck you call him - is gonna come in his pants when he sees you in this thing."
"I hope not… I'm supposed to be having dinner with him before we… umm… you know…" I trailed off, not wanting to elaborate on the salacious things I expected Dr. Cullen to want this evening.
"Damn B, if you can't say fuck, then you're not mature enough to… to… fuck," he teased.
"I can say… fuck," I muttered, feeling my face heat a little. After today, I was sure I was doomed to a life of perpetual blushing. "Can you just help me get ready please?"
"Sure, Sure," he replied, laughing heartily.
After an hour or so of primping, my hair was stick straight, lips coated with a silky gloss, eye-makeup dark and smoky, and Mom's dress clung to my body like a second skin. Jake stepped out as I removed my panties, per Dr. Cullen's instructions. It was then I realized I'd forgotten something important – the heels.
I'd been so wrapped up in thinking about tonight, and how I was going to sneak the dress past Renee that I completely forgot to grab the shoes. "Goddammit," I growled angrily.
"What's going on in there?" Jake barked impatiently through the door.
I saw myself scowling in the mirror, feeling like the biggest idiot on the planet. Huffing in irritation, I slipped on the sandals I'd worn earlier, knowing they would just look stupid.
I only had forty-five more minutes until I was meant to be at Dr. Cullen's door, and I hadn't the time or money to get another pair.
Hesitantly, I opened the door so Jake could see me. "Well that just won't do," he said right away, shaking his head as he caught sight of my feet. "What about your black Steve Madden pumps?"
"I let my mom borrow them to wear on a date," I told him, realizing I couldn't have worn them even if I had remembered. I'd already lent them out.
"Well, you know Rachel likes to tramp it up. I'm sure she has about ten, different colored pairs of Louboutins in her closet." Despite my insistent refusal, Jake disappeared into his sister's room for a few minutes before coming back with the sexiest heels I'd ever seen. The also looked like an accident waiting to happen.
"I'll break my neck in those," I groaned as Jake urged me to sit on the bed so he could help me into the shoes. The dress was so tight, there was no way I could bend over and put them on myself.
"You'll look gorgeous in them… whoa, bald pussy alert," he shouted. I realized his position had brought him eye level with the inner workings of my dress.
"Damnit, Jake," I groaned, pressing my thighs together tighter as he slipped the other shoe on, carefully avoiding my eyes. I could tell by the shell-shocked look on his face that he was just as embarrassed as I was.
Not wanting to address the awkwardness in the air, I stood up on slightly shaky legs, feeling tall and statuesque in Rachel's seven-hundred-dollar, heels. "How do I look?" I whispered self-consciously.
Jake gave me a once over, eyeing me critically. "Fucking fantastic. As I said before, Doc will be creamin' those jeans in no time," he said with a laugh. I shot him a warning glare, but I couldn't hold it in for long before he had me giggling right along with him.
With a final glance at my watch, I sighed nervously.
It's time.
"The next time I see my little girl she'll be a woman," Jake fake sobbed. Unsure of his reaction, I never filled him in on the whole Dom/Sub aspect, but he knew I was planning to have sex tonight – that I was going to lose my virginity. Staving off the emotion welling inside, I gave my best friend a hug, thankful to have someone so understanding.
"Doctor cherry-popper better be gentle with you, or I'll kick his fucking ass. I don't care if he is an adult."
The drive to Dr. Cullen's place was shorter than I'd expected, so I ended up in front of his home ten minutes early.
In the past, when I pictured where he might live, I'd always imagined an immaculate penthouse apartment in The Olivian or Escala, but my imagination couldn't have placed him further from reality. In truth, Dr. Cullen lived in a beautiful house – a Victorian Brownstone, nestled in a quiet neighborhood a few blocks away from my High School – only a ten minute drive from where I lived.
The place was truly perfect, and seemed quite warm and inviting.
Stepping out of my car, I smoothed my dress quickly, wobbling slightly on Rachel's heels before I managed to steady myself.
I had to be really careful – the last thing I wanted was for Dr. Cullen to spend the evening tending to a broken ankle, when we could be tending to each other in a much more satisfying way.
Once I finally felt confident enough to take a step in the heels, I made my way toward the front door, giving Dr. Cullen's card a final glance to be sure I didn't go ringing the wrong doorbell.
Once I stood in front of his door, I slipped the card back into my clutch and wiped my sweaty hands on the sides of the dress. My heart was racing a mile a minute, my breathing faster and faster. If I didn't calm down, I would faint for sure.
With one quick breath, I knocked on the heavy oak double doors.
In less than half a minute, Dr. Cullen stood in front of me looking comfortable and just perfect in black slacks with a dark, grey pullover. I nearly did faint when I saw he wasn't wearing any shoes.
Dear Lord... his feet were sexy too!
"Isabella, you look stunning. Come in," he greeted, before urging me to follow him inside. I was surprised when I finally stood next to him, realizing my borrowed heels had actually managed to bring me eye level with Dr. Cullen's perfect lips. They looked so soft. "Until I tell you otherwise, for the time being you may speak freely, but respectfully."
"Thank you, sir," I whispered, transfixed by his mouth and the overwhelming desire I had to kiss him. There was no way that was happening anytime soon. If I ever got the chance to feel his lips on mine, it would be because he initiated it. Not me.
"Dinner is nearly ready," he mentioned casually guiding me to a small, but beautifully decorated, dining room before disappearing into the adjoining kitchen that looked like it probably rivaled the kitchen at Canlis. It was then I realized I'd been so focused on Dr. Cullen that I hadn't actually paid much attention to the rest of the place.
"You have a beautiful home," I told him, not wanting to seem rude. I was sure it wasn't a lie though. The rest of his home was undoubtedly as lovely as the dining room and kitchen.
From where I sat, I could see him standing in front of a large range, stirring in a saute pan. Whatever he was making smelled absolutely delicious. "Thank you, I believe I missed my calling as an interior designer. Wouldn't you agree?"
Even if his comment was a bit cocky, I was stunned. He actually decorated this place himself?
"It's beautiful, but I still think you make an amazing doctor, sir. Though, I imagine you are one of those people who is simply good at everything."
He chuckled a little, but didn't disagree.
A minute later he returned to the dining room with dinner. It looked fantastic and tasted even better.
I saw him watching me as I chewed the first bite, waiting for my reaction. "See... good at everything," I told him seriously.
"I believe I have a few more... talents you should observe before making that assessment." The innuendo made me flush with arousal.
Suddenly, the food in front of me lost its appeal in favor of observing Dr. Cullen and his other talents. My mind went to naughty places, imaging how well he might use his tongue and cock, and other toys and contraptions he might have lying around in a playroom somewhere inside this immaculate house.
After that, I was too overcome with lust to speak, choosing to eat in relative silence. I'd look up once every few minutes and every time I'd find him gazing at me as he chewed, as if assessing me. I hoped and prayed that I wasn't found lacking.
Once I'd eaten most of the food on my plate, I sat my fork down, letting Dr. Cullen know I was finished. Mere moments later, his actions mirrored mine. "Would you care for dessert?" he asked, his brow raised in question.
I couldn't even think about eating another bite, but it felt rude to decline. "Maybe later. If that's alright?"
"Of course." He stood, and cleared the table, leaving me briefly so he could take the dishes to the kitchen. Somehow it felt wrong watching him do that. I wanted nothing more than to have him relax while I took care of his needs, preparing meals... serving him.
"Thank you for dinner. It was delicious," I told him, eyeing his movements both times he walked past the doorway to retrieve something. After a moment, he disappeared and I couldn't hear him the kitchen at all. I was getting really antsy waiting, wondering what he wanted to do next.
"I'm glad you enjoyed it," he replied suddenly coming up behind me. I yelped embarrassingly before clutching my chest in surprise.
I blinked up at him, certain my eyes were wide with shock.
"Forgive me," he said quickly, but he didn't sound sorry at all. Not in the least bit. I think he rather enjoyed nearly scaring the piss out of me. "Join me on the couch. I'd like to have a little talk before we begin."
"Yes, sir." My heart started to race wondering about the scene he had planned. Would he go easy on me, knowing my lack of experience? Or would he push me to my limits, testing me? Would he try to push me beyond my limits, maybe in an effort to scare me off? He didn't seem the type to try the latter, but then again, I really didn't know Dr. Cullen or what he might be capable of.
As he sat down, Dr. Cullen turned casually, his body leaning toward the spot he patted for me to sit in next to him. "So, I thought we'd start by addressing your hard limits. Firstly, I'm not looking for a pain slut as you stated earlier today, and as for humiliation - I would never make you do something that might cause you shame or embarrassment, especially in front of your friends or family."
"I might, however, make you do something in the privacy of my home that may be considered humiliation - things like spanking as a form of punishment, forced nudity for extended periods of time, and loss of privileges - like wearing panties, but you would participate in these activities with the expressed knowledge that you are free use your safeword or leave if you choose, at any time."
Nothing he'd mentioned so far was outside the realm of my comfort zone.
"As for your service, I require many things from my subs. The most important of which is obedience. I do not allow back-talking or arguing and when you are here with me, I expect your full attention, just as you shall have mine."
"For some, a few of my rules may seem excessive or even indulgent. They may even be a dealbreaker for you." I wanted to stop him and tell him that nothing he'd mentioned so far had given me any reason to pause, much less been a dealbreaker, but I simply sat and listened, wanting to soak up any information he was willing to give me.
"Self-induced orgasms are not allowed, even between days when we aren't together. Your pleasure belongs to me and I choose when and how you experience it and whether or not I will be generous or greedy with that pleasure." He raised his brow, as if he expected me to scoff or even storm out. No way.
Delayed gratification was something I was more than willing to go along with if it meant being with Dr. Cullen. I had no use for those toys at home if I got to have this man inside me on the regular. When yet again, I didn't protest, he continued.
"As a physician, I believe diet and exercise are paramount to good health. I know you still live with your mother and attend public school, so it's impossible for me to completely dictate your diet, but if we're to continue beyond this weekend, I'll need to provide you with a diet plan that you are to follow as closely as possible, given your circumstances."
"As for weight and size, I have absolutely no interest in turning you into my own personal Barbie doll. I just need to make sure you maintain a healthy weight and keep your body toned and limber. I won't have you passing out in my playroom from exhaustion or overexertion."
I flushed hotly at the idea that he could tire my young body so thoroughly. My mind raced, thinking about the possibility of all-night fuck sessions, or extended amounts of time bound and gagged at his mercy. With eyes clenched shut, I bit my lower lip, trying my best not to moan in response to the vivid images my imagination conjured.
Suddenly, I felt his warm breath on my face. "What's going on in that pretty little head of yours, Isabella?"
My faced held its scarlet color when I contemplated telling Dr. Cullen about the wildly erotic desires that inevitably seeped into my waking dreams. Yet even through my embarrassment, I felt no need to hold back. "I can't stop thinking about what it could be like, sir," I whispered quietly.
Though my eyes remained closed, I could tell he was still near, his face inches from mine, and yet he still hadn't touched me. In fact, I hadn't had his hands on me since this afternoon. It hadn't mattered that they were doing deliciously naughty things to my body because even then, they were still only wrapped in latex.
I needed to feel him skin on skin, those sexy fingers touching every inch of my sensitive flesh.
"Tell me what you've been imagining..." he ordered darkly "and by all means, be explicit."
He was so close, the proximity threatened to drive me mad with lust, and now... now he expected me to talk dirty? He wanted me to divulge the naughty fantasies I had of him taking me roughly, holding me down by my neck as he nailed me to the mattress. Did he want me to tell him I imagined being blindfolded and bound on hands and knees while he used my body for pleasure, fucking me every way possible till he came in hot spurts on my back and ass?
This man was determined to keep me in a perpetual state of flustered arousal and, aching need, yet I had to wonder if maybe... just maybe... my words could have the same effect on him.
Would it give him a thrill to know I wanted him like that? It couldn't hurt to try.
He wanted me to be explicit, after all...
"The night I used a vibrator to break my hymen... I imagined it was you," I admitted quietly. I was still unable to force my eyes open, nervous about what I might find when I did. "I imagined you mocking me for using that rubbery toy when I could have had you instead. You took the toy from my hands and held it to my clit, making me come over and over until I was begging for your cock. I thought you'd never let me have it, but finally you did. You pinned me to the mattress, pushing into me while holding me down by my neck – fucking me till I came."
I could feel his breathing change slightly as I told him the things I imagined. Did he like them?
"The other night I was practicing so hard, trying to train my throat to take you without choking. When I finally could swallow around the tip, I started thinking about your cock and how it might taste."
His breathing seemed to hitch for a moment before regulating almost immediately. I continued. "I wondered what it would taste like after you had it inside my pussy - with our flavors mixed together." He cursed under his breath, and the sound excited me, giving me the courage to continue. "All I could think about was you blindfolding me, before fucking my mouth and pussy and then my ass."
"When I thought of you finishing, just... cumming all over my back, I couldn't get the idea out of my-"
Before I could finish my sentence, his smooth lips pressed hard against mine, hot and insistent, demanding entrance for his velvety tongue. I opened my eyes briefly, for the first time in minutes, finding Dr. Cullen's eyes scrunched shut as if he were nearly in pain. Had it not been for demanding way he kissed me, I might have thought he was. Knowing that he was probably struggling to stay in control, I let go, giving in to his persuasive lips, moaning into his open mouth.
Desperately, I wanted him to touch me, so bad that I whimpered against his lips, unable to prevent the reaction as the majority of my willpower was being used to stop me from crawling onto this gorgeous man's lap.
Just as abruptly as they'd met mine, his lips were gone, leaving me a mess of nerves and sexual frustration. Why did he stop? Why hadn't he touched me? I knew it wasn't my place to question his choices, but I had to wonder.
"We aren't doing this here," he spoke, his voice holding a dangerous edge that succeeded in both startling me and making me wetter than I already was. I blinked up at him, unsure of how to respond.
"Should we finish umm... talking?" I asked him nervously. I was all for taking this... whatever it was... to another room, preferably the bedroom, or lord help me – a fucking playroom. Though, I wasn't sure my poor overworked heart could handle the latter this evening. I was already a ball of nerves.
"I'm done talking," he growled "We're doing this. Now."
Before I could ask what this was, Dr. Cullen scooped me up as if I weighed nothing, making me yelp a little as he began carrying me toward a dark staircase that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.
Adrenaline shot through my veins, laced with a hint of fear and excitement.
We were headed down. Down to a basement? A dungeon? Maybe the playroom? Whatever. All I knew was that we were going down, farther and farther, the hall getting darker and darker until I couldn't see my right hand when I lifted it in front of my face.
It was then I truly wondered... What have I gotten myself into?


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