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Chapter 3

"I have a theory about this… ache of yours, Isabella, but I'd like to hear your theory first… assuming you have one."

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This is the scene that kept me up Saturday night... I just couldn't sleep till I wrote it...
Back to Bella...

Within Reach
Chapter 3 Dr. Cullen's Office
*~Bella Swan~*
It wasn't long before I was parking my car in front of the familiar building. Dr. Cullen's office was sleek and modern, but small, housing only his private practice. The architectural design drew the eye to the building's main entrance which was offset by an angular metal structure that from the street appeared to be attached to the building, but when you walked beneath it, one could see that it was actually free-standing.
It was simply beautiful, and I had to wonder if Dr. Cullen himself had a hand in its careful design.
As I stepped out of the car, I gave myself a glance, happy to find that my dress didn't appear to have a single wrinkle.
I was ready.
With measured steps, I walked toward the metal entryway with a chant of self-assurance running on loop in my head. After a moment of procrastination, I stepped into the air-conditioned waiting room, happily finding it empty except for an older woman and two receptionists, one of which was a younger woman with short blonde hair, who I remembered as Kate from my previous appointments, the other an older woman who must have been new as I didn't recognize her.
"Are you Miss Swan?" the older woman asked politely after glancing up from her computer screen.
"Yes... I'm here for my appointment," I replied dumbly, feeling anxious about the fact that I was standing in the same building as Dr. Cullen.
"You're a bit early, but that's okay. The doctor only has one more patient to see before you," she told me kindly before telling the woman seated near the door that Dr. Cullen was ready to see her.
I'm next...
I took a seat, carefully leaving my legs closed, but uncrossed. I wouldn't want Dr. Cullen to see any red marks from where my bare legs rubbed together if they'd been crossed.
As several minutes passed, I became slightly bored waiting for my turn. I was tempted to pull out my phone and text Jake or open my Kindle app and re-read a couple chapters from one of my favorite books, but then I wondered if Dr. Cullen might be the type of Dom who enjoyed teasing his submissives - the kind who would tell me to go to a room and wait for him to join, then leave me there waiting for an hour. Just in case, I thought I'd practice my patience.
When nearly a half hour passed, I became concerned. It was only a few minutes till two, and the receptionist still hadn't called for me. If two came and went, would Dr. Cullen turn me away? I knew the office closed at two, but surely he wouldn't refuse to see me... would he?
It was then that Kate popped her head into the lobby and called my name.
Thank fuck.
"How are you feeling, Miss Swan?" she asked, urging me to follow her to a side room.
"I've been okay, just a little soreness in my muscles," I told her as she grabbed an iPad off the counter and used it to pull up my files. It wasn't a lie, my pussy was extremely sore that first week, but I could use that as an excuse without sounding like a crazy person. "Probably from getting a massage last week."
"Yes, massages have their benefits, but an intense one can leave you feeling a bit sick, sometimes with almost flu-like symptoms," she explained. "Well, let's get your weight and check your pressure."
I stepped out of my shoes and followed her to the scale, stepping up on it.
"One-nineteen - that's pretty close to where you were in February," she commented, glancing at my records. After, she pulled me over to check my blood pressure, which was slightly elevated for someone my age. She said it didn't appear to be anything to be concerned about, but she wanted me to have it checked again in a couple weeks to be sure.
I knew that would hardly be necessary. The reason for my elevated pressure could only be explained by the presence of the gorgeous doctor right down the hall.
"Dr. Cullen shouldn't be too long," she assured me, motioning for me to follow her to a private room.
I went ahead and sat carefully on the exam table. At that point, I thought for sure I was about to have a heart attack.
I'd never been more nervous in my entire life.
After several minutes of waiting, the anticipation was becoming too much, and in a brief moment of panic, I grabbed my purse and hopped off the exam table ready to run away like a coward, but the knob on the door began to turn just as my feet hit the floor, leaving me standing there like an idiot as Dr. Cullen entered the room.
He hadn't even opened his mouth to greet me, and already I was blushing.
"Miss Isabella, what brings you here today?" he asked me, smiling genuinely before rolling his chair next to the exam table.
"Have a seat," he directed toward the table when I still hadn't answered.
"Well… I've been… I've had this ache, and I thought you might be able to help me with it…" I stuttered vaguely, unable to meet his eyes.
Fuck... that was all wrong.
I could almost feel his stare boring itself under my skin, making me wet, and giving me that hollow feeling between my legs.
Oh God... I need his cock inside me so bad. My breathing began to come out in pants, and I thought I might hyperventilate.
"So why don't we just discuss a few things first – catch up a bit," he said suddenly, making no mention of my previous statement.
"Yes, Sir," I replied without thought, as though it was already my natural response.
"The last time we met, you mentioned something about changing the birth control you were on since the one your previous physician prescribed you didn't seem to be doing a good job regulating your periods. Has the new one been any better?" he asked casually.
'It's much better. Thank you," I replied, my cheeks heating again.
"Are you currently using any kind of tobacco products - aside from the obvious health risks, they can cause even more problems combined with your birth control pills."
"I don't smoke, Dr. Cullen."
"Have you become sexually active since the last time you visited me?" he asked, and I couldn't help but notice the slight edge in his voice. My breathing hitched a bit, my imagination running wild with thoughts about what might have caused that to happen.
I knew he had to ask me that question when he gave me my HPV shot last summer, but the more I thought about it, the more I wondered what purpose he had in asking me at this point.
"No, Sir, I haven't been with anyone yet," I nearly whispered, wondering if I was answering the way he hoped.
He cleared his throat a bit, forcing me to look up at him. His eyes were dark, but his expression was unreadable. I was at a loss as to how I needed to proceed.
"Tell me about this ache, Isabella... where does it hurt?" he asked, his voice a bit rougher than before. It sent a chill of desire down my spine. "Cold?"
Of course he noticed. "No, Sir."
"Continue," he directed, wanting my explanation.
Fuck... was I really going to go through with this?
By now, I was so far gone I had no choice.
"I've umm... I've been having these achy feelings in my... in my vagina," I whispered, my face on fire. Shit… that sounded so much more seductive in my head than the stuttering mess that came out of my mouth.
"You know I'm not a gynecologist, Isabella." It wasn't a question. More like an accusation, but he didn't sound angry.
"Yes, Sir... it's just... I feel... more comfortable... I trust you..." I replied dumbly, my fingers gripping the exam table. I was sure my knuckles were white.
Don't you dare cry.
"That's good, Isabella. I like that you trust me," he said warmly, the tone nothing like I'd expected to hear. "Now just because I'm not a practicing gynecologist doesn't mean I'm not capable of helping you with such matters. Tell me more... how long have you had this ache?"
"A while," I nearly whimpered.
"Would you like me to take a look?"
Oh fuck... Was this it? Was he actually going for it?
"Yes, Sir," I said, feeling more excited than I had any right to be.
Suddenly Dr. Cullen was on his feet, nearly startling me.
"While I'm gone, please dress in this gown," he told me, pulling a white hospital gown from a drawer and handing it to me. I accepted the gown, my fingers trembling in anticipation.
Before I could say "Yes, Sir," he was out the door, leaving me to my thoughts.
Not wanting to make him wait, I quickly stepped out of my shoes and removed my dress and panties, folding them into a neat stack on one of the other chairs in the room.
As I dressed in the gown, I vaguely heard Dr. Cullen and one of the nurses in the hall, and if I wasn't mistaken, he was telling her it was okay for her and Kate to leave for the day, since he was almost done with me. Before I began to panic that he was going to realize my plan and kick me out, I reasoned internally that he might also be getting us some privacy.
Please God… let this work. Hmm… probably not the most righteous thing to be praying for, but it was my deepest desire… I wanted nothing else.
As soon as I had the gown on, I sat back on the exam table to wait. Dr. Cullen would be back any minute.
Finally, he opened the door, heading straight to the sink.
I watched him silently as he went to wash his hands before carefully slipping on a pair of latex gloves.
I tried not to pout at the disappointing realization that I wouldn't get to feel him skin to skin.
Maybe he didn't understand what I wanted… it looked like he planned on doing a standard examination.
Fuck. I had no idea what to do. I was definitely in way over my head.
I didn't want to outright beg him to fuck me, but if I didn't find some other way to make my desire known to him, it might be my only choice.
"Scoot back on the table… You've removed your panties?"
God the way he said "panties" had me squirming.
"Yes, Sir" I replied, my voice trembling with the need to feel his hands on me.
"Go ahead and spread your legs," he said roughly. I wanted to believe it was desire I heard in his voice, but a quick glance down at the front of his trousers told me otherwise.
He wasn't even hard.
I bit my lip and looked up at the ceiling, trying not to panic. I had to get control of my emotions, or he was going to sense that something was wrong. "Isabella," he said, snapping me back into focus.
"Y-yes Sir," I whimpered, lifting my legs onto the exam table, spreading them open.
Once they were up, Dr. Cullen positioned his rolling chair in front of the table and took a seat.
I couldn't look. I had no idea the kind of reaction I'd get when he saw how wet and swollen my pussy was for him. There would be no hiding it – he would know.
His breath caught slightly, and I knew… he noticed.
He figured it out.
I started to close my legs on instinct, feeling the most overwhelming sense of shame and embarrassment – more than any other moment in my life.
But a latex covered hand stopped me.
"Don't even think about closing your legs," he whispered sharply.
I was gasping, panting, my hand covering my mouth.
"You came for an exam, and I'm going to give you one."
Holy fuck… this was not the Dr. Cullen who tended to my cut hand or greeted me with a cheerful smile whenever I set foot in his office. It wasn't even the man who looked at me with a hint of desire in the foyer of Canlis.
No – this man was a whole new animal – the man I'd been dreaming of.
I had to bite back a whimper when I felt a single gloved fingertip stroke up the length of my inner thigh. "I have a theory about this… ache of yours, Isabella, but I'd like to hear your theory first… assuming you have one."
I glanced up, expecting to see Dr. Cullen between my legs, but the gown hid his face from my view. Not wanting to disappoint him with my hesitation, I closed my eyes tight and answered him, my voice quavering the entire time, "Yes, Sir… whenever… whenever I think about you... I feel so… empty, and I could only think of one way to make it stop," I whispered, still feeling more than a little embarrassed.
"I see," he replied evenly. "And what way was that?"
Oh God… he was really making this difficult.
I didn't know if I could answer him… maybe if I could see his face – I needed to see it so bad.
I wanted him to rip the stupid gown right off my body and pound into me with his cock.
"Does this make it better?" he asked, filling me with confusion until suddenly he was filling me with two fingers. The sudden intrusion shocked me so bad, I might have fallen off the exam table had he not been securing my legs with his arm.
"Oh God… yes, Dr. Cullen," I cried sharply. "Please."
For the moment, his fingers were immobile, and I had to bite my tongue to keep from whining in frustration.
"You're a very naughty girl, Isabella. Did you come into my office planning to tempt me with this pretty, wet cunt?" he teased, sounding a thousand times hotter than the man in my fantasies. "What did you expect from me?"
"I want anything you want to give me, Sir," I whispered my honest answer, hoping like crazy it was what he'd want to hear.
Suddenly he was standing in front of me, leaving his teasing fingers still motionless inside me. I could finally see him, and the blazing fire that burned in his hungry eyes practically scorched every inch of my flesh with searing desire. My lower lip trembled. I nearly wept.
And God help me, I was soaking wet.
With his free hand, he slid my gown over my knees, gathering the material at my waist.
"Anything I want?" he asked darkly, his voice filled with an almost taunting disbelief.
I whimpered, letting my eyes trail down his torso all the way to his...
Fuck me... he was hard.
"Yes," I gasped loudly.
"Yes what, Isabella?"
"Y-yes, S-sir... oh... God," I cried out as his gloved fingers finally began moving inside me, scissoring and stretching, curling against a spot I'd never found on my own before.
"You said anything... but do you truly understand what you're offering?" he questioned, his voice laced with lust and skepticism. "What if I say I want to bend you over this table and shove my cock inside that tight little ass?"
His threat, most likely meant to strike fear, only made me hotter.
Here it was... here was the real moment of truth...
"If that's what you want, Sir," I agreed quietly. "I've prepared myself for your pleasure."
More silence...
"Explain, Isabella. Right. Now." His words came through clenched teeth.
Oh fuck... was he going to be angry... had I made a mistake?
"I want to be yours," I whispered, arching my hips into his hand as he continued working me at an almost torturously slow pace. "I want you to have me without restraint... I have no experience, though, but I've been preparing my body for you to enter me in any way you desire."
"Jesus Christ..." he muttered, his eyes rolling back. Closing.
He was about to have me committed... I was certain.
"Isabella... you can't mean that... you want me to be your first... but that's not... I can't give you hearts and flowers. I'm too busy for that," he explained, sounding less in control than I'd ever heard him before, yet his talented fingers still hadn't left my body and I was getting dangerously close to coming on his hand.
"I don't need hearts and flowers... I just need you inside me," I breathed, holding his gaze with mine, trying to let him see how serious I was. I had a feeling my words lost all meaning when I started to drown in lust.
"Are you going to come for me, kitten?" I had to relax a little when I realized the teasing tone in his voice was back. Looking at him, I could see in his eyes that he was incredibly turned on, but he was still struggling with something.
I moaned, unable to answer him as another of his slender fingers entered me.
"I need to come on your fingers, Sir... please may I come?"
"Fuck... can you hold it, kitten? What if I don't want you to come yet?" he asked, sounding slightly confused, yet excited.
"I'll try, Sir," I whimpered, hoping he didn't make me hold it long. I wasn't very good at stopping myself yet. "I don't know if I can hold it any longer."
"Hmm... I see... well I might just have to make you." At those darkly whispered words, his gloved thumb pressed against my aching clit, causing me to cry out.
I started spasming immediately. "Please, Sir... please... I need..."
"Kitten... you are so sexy... I want nothing more than to see you come. Look at me..." I did. "Now come for me like a good girl."
"Oh... Dr. Cullen... fuck," I cried out, my legs shaking, in fact my entire body was trembling on the leather table. At my moan of release, instead of slowing down or stopping, Dr. Cullen's fingers started fucking me faster and harder. "W-what? Oh my God... oh God."
"More," he growled as he bent closer toward me, his face frighteningly beautiful.
All I could do was lay there and take it. I was completely at his mercy, and there was nowhere else I wanted to be.
He continued his punishing rhythm, bringing me closer and closer to another more powerful release... only this time, it felt different.
"Doctor... I think..." I squealed a little "...I'm gonna... ugh."
"You better come for me really hard, kitten... I want you soaking my fucking hand with that sweet pussy."
"Yes, S-sir." Then I was coming.
I felt an intense sense of pressure, like nothing I'd ever experienced before. Never had an orgasm been this intense.
"That's a good girl," he whispered, rubbing me slowly bringing me back down to earth.
After another moment of him rubbing me while we simply just stared at each other in wonder, he turned away, gloved fingers leaving me.
I started to move, but he turned back, stilling me with his masterful hands. "Wait a moment, Isabella."
Biting my lip with concern, I watched as he walked over to the counter and took out a clean washcloth.
His face held little emotion as he gently wiped away all traces our time together. I tried not to let it make me sad that he was obviously done. There would be no more play time for me.
When he finished, he met my eyes for a moment as if deciding something.
"I'll give you five minutes to get dressed, and then we need to talk," he said calmly before stepping out of the room.
I let out a breath, unable to move or even think for a couple minutes. When I glanced at the clock and saw I didn't have much time left, I carefully slid off the table and began dressing quickly. I had no desire to disappoint Dr. Cullen, especially considering how tenuous things were between us.
Just as he said, he came back exactly five minutes later, his face still clear of emotion as he sat back in his rolling chair.
He sat back and stared at me a moment in concentration.
I couldn't imagine what he might be thinking.
"Isabella, what is it you want from me?"

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  1. My my my, it was so intense, I'm still shivering from my own desire... Well done guys :)